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Water for Life Not Profit Program

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Water for Life Not Profit Program




point_number_1.gifSay No to Nestlé in Wellington County.


  • Deny Nestlé’s applications to take water from Aberfoyle and Hillsburgh for bottling and sale.
  • Don’t allow Nestlé to take water from Middlebrook (Elora) for bottling and sale.


point_number_2.gifPhase out the bottled water industry within ten years.


  • Start by denying for-profit water bottling permit applications at new sites while scaling back existing permits.
  • Prohibit municipalities from letting for-profit water bottling corporations  bottle municipal water.
  • Design and implement a 10-year plan to completely stop the bottling of Ontario water by for-profit water bottling companies.
  • Establish a provincial fund to enable workers of for-profit water bottling companies to transition to equivalent or better jobs.


point_number_3.gifRespect the duty to consult Indigenous communities.


  • The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) and applicants seeking new or renewed permits must comprehensively consult with all indigenous peoples, whose asserted or proven Aboriginal and treaty rights may be adversely impacted by water taking within their traditional territories.


point_number_4.gifEnsure public ownership and control of water.


  • Require any facility that receives provincial funding to make drinking water available to the public (via drinking fountains).
  • Prohibit private/public partnerships (so-called P3s) in municipal water systems.
  • Return existing municipal water P3s to public ownership and control, and invest in water infrastructure and training in conservation and management.
  • Provide portable, potable water and water filtration systems as part of emergency planning and response.


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