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Water as a Scarce and therefore Valuable Resource

“Sometimes silence is golden; sometimes it is just plain yellow!”
Jan Kemp

Centre Wellington where Nestle wants a new permit to take water is considered to be a potential water stressed area. The Grand River has experienced severe droughts before and have been warned by the GRCA about water supply risks.

Water supply and security is not just a concern in this part of the world but is a world-wide issue.  California has had a severe drought for  years now. Our food costs rise as they produce 50 per cent of the fruits and vegetables in the USA.  From the Alberta border to Texas, the American Mid West has had a 15 year drought. Western Canada has suffered from water shortages regularly.  Many thirsty eyes are on our Great Lakes.  An American town is now pipelining water from Lake Michigan setting a dangerous precedent.

China has 50,000 rivers and more than half have dried up, and their groundwater is 60 per cent contaminated!  That is why they are buying land with water on or in it in places like BC where there are no laws restricting foreign ownership.  One ranch of theirs ships out 30,000 tonnes of compressed hay per year.  The Chinese are not alone in this.  The Saudis have a ranch in Arizona where they pump water from an aquifer and grow hay to ship back for their livestock.

Other countries like the US and UK are also buying land with water outside their borders.  The world is parched and coming to Canada for water.  This came from an article in the Western Investor.  You too could make money buying up water rights.  If you saw the excellent film, The Big Short, you know the investing genius, the one who called the 2008 housing crisis that was felt around the world, is investing in water.

Many have been saying that water is the new oil or gold.  You can live without either of those but not without water!

So silence is NOT golden in this case!  Speak up and pay attention to your water, where it comes from, how safe and secure it is and who is controlling it!  Say NO to commercial permits so that water is not put in plastic bottles and shipped away!

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