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Call Your Local Candidates

With the election happening on THURSDAY we need to make the final push to protect Ontario’s water from Nestlé’s greed. By flooding candidates with phone calls across the province, they will have to take water protection seriously.

Nestlé is hoping the next government in Ontario lets it take more even more of Ontario’s precious water. Its water permits have long since expired -- some of them years ago -- and the current government has been putting off a decision about renewing them.

So far, The Green Party has officially committed to phasing out bottled water permits, and the Liberals announced last week their commitment to continuing the moratorium on new bottled water permits. The NDP’s water strategy is very vague about bottled water permits.

But leaders listen to their candidates. As they head into their last days campaigning, this is the most critical time they could hear from you. Ontarians know: corporations shouldn’t have access to our water to sell for huge profits, while adding to the global plastics crisis.

Will you take a minute to call your local candidates asking them to say NO to Nestlé and the bottled water industry in Ontario for good?