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Boiling Point (2016) by Maude Barlow

Here is a huge heads-up for complacent Canadians!  I knew it was bad but not this bad.  I found out that Canada has outdated or nonexistent laws to protect water, unmapped and unprotected groundwater that so many communities rely on, mining, industrial, aggregate and agricultural pollution, and boil-water advisories!  Climate change is here and we are still deforesting our land and waterscapes. 

Most of us have no idea that we are already in a water crisis and a very serious one!  Governments at all levels appear to be absent all together.  Future generations will be appalled at our lack of attention to the water so crucial for survival.   

This book is a call to action for all Canadians to wake up and get serious about protecting water.  After reading this book,  I knew I had to do something to protect water; we all do!

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