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Tell Premier Wynne to Say "No" to Proposed Middlebrook Well

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WaterFact - Every Litre Taken...

Every litre taken for bottled water is a litre that doesn't flow down a stream

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Water as a Scarce and therefore Valuable Resource

“Sometimes silence is golden; sometimes it is just plain yellow!”
Jan Kemp

Centre Wellington where Nestle wants a new permit to take water is considered to be a potential water stressed area. The Grand River has experienced severe droughts before and have been warned by the GRCA about water supply risks.

Water supply and security is not just a concern in this part of the world but is a world-wide issue.  California has had a severe drought for  years now. Our food costs rise as they produce 50 per cent of the fruits and vegetables in the USA.  From the Alberta border to Texas, the American Mid West has had a 15 year drought. Western Canada has suffered from water shortages regularly.  Many thirsty eyes are on our Great Lakes.  An American town is now pipelining water from Lake Michigan setting a dangerous precedent.

China has 50,000 rivers and more than half have dried up, and their groundwater is 60 per cent contaminated!  That is why they are buying land with water on or in it in places like BC where there are no laws restricting foreign ownership.  One ranch of theirs ships out 30,000 tonnes of compressed hay per year.  The Chinese are not alone in this.  The Saudis have a ranch in Arizona where they pump water from an aquifer and grow hay to ship back for their livestock.

Other countries like the US and UK are also buying land with water outside their borders.  The world is parched and coming to Canada for water.  This came from an article in the Western Investor.  You too could make money buying up water rights.  If you saw the excellent film, The Big Short, you know the investing genius, the one who called the 2008 housing crisis that was felt around the world, is investing in water.

Many have been saying that water is the new oil or gold.  You can live without either of those but not without water!

So silence is NOT golden in this case!  Speak up and pay attention to your water, where it comes from, how safe and secure it is and who is controlling it!  Say NO to commercial permits so that water is not put in plastic bottles and shipped away!

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Silent Services of the World Ocean

We may not think of the ocean as a “service provider,” but in fact human life is supported in myriad — though largely invisible — ways by the global ocean. Whether providing a source of food for millions of people worldwide, or acting as the globe’s largest carbon sink, the ocean sustains human life as we know it. As the ocean warms, its ability to provide these services is increasingly threatened. While the vastness of the ocean may blind us to its fragility, the changes steadily taking place below its surface are certain to be felt by humans in the coming decades and centuries.

Thomas F. Stocker

Science (Vol 350, Issue 6262), November 13, 2015

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WaterFact - Belief about Canada's "Pristine" Waters

Canada's Waters

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Organization - The Council of Canadians

Our Water Is Not For Sale

Founded by Maude Barlow, The Council of Canadians is a non-profit environmental activist group that advocates for clean water, fair trade, green energy, public health care, and a vibrant democracy.

In her 28-page report, Water for Sale, Maude Barlow explores how modern free trade and investment agreements impede the ability of people and their governments to maintain environmental laws and regulations to protect their water.

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WaterFact - Wetlands are the Kidneys of the Ecosystem

Wetlands are the Kidneys of the Ecosystem

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Boiling Point (2016) by Maude Barlow

Here is a huge heads-up for complacent Canadians!  I knew it was bad but not this bad.  I found out that Canada has outdated or nonexistent laws to protect water, unmapped and unprotected groundwater that so many communities rely on, mining, industrial, aggregate and agricultural pollution, and boil-water advisories!  Climate change is here and we are still deforesting our land and waterscapes. 

Most of us have no idea that we are already in a water crisis and a very serious one!  Governments at all levels appear to be absent all together.  Future generations will be appalled at our lack of attention to the water so crucial for survival.   

This book is a call to action for all Canadians to wake up and get serious about protecting water.  After reading this book,  I knew I had to do something to protect water; we all do!

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How will climate change impact on fresh water security?

"How will climate change impact on fresh water security?"

The Ultimate Climate Q&A, The Guardian, December 12, 2012

Is the world’s supply of water constant? Climate change is altering even this seemingly immutable fact by making fresh water less and less accessible when and where it’s needed, more and more present when and where it’s superfluous or even dangerous. Higher global temperatures are causing escalating melt rates in polar regions, rising sea levels, less rainfall in some areas and more in others, and more intense storm activity across the globe. Water scarcity and polluted water are becoming part of the everyday business of life for vast numbers of people on this planet.

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